Super Meat Boy Forever Wall Graphics


Have you ever noticed how bland your walls are?  Put a little spice in your wall life with these awesome Super Meat Boy Forever wall graphics!

These graphics will stick securely to your walls but can be removed and placed elsewhere with ease.  They're great for apartments - especially if you don't want your landlord to see the hole that you punched in the wall after dying +100 times trying to get the bandage on that sh!tty level that the devil himself must have designed.

Each image has different measurements, but they're around 7" - 8" wide and between 6.5" - 9" high.

You can buy the full set of 6 or try your luck and buy a single graphic from the Grab Bag - you won't know which one you're getting until it shows up at your door step.  Ohhh the suspense!!


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